We Warned You it Was Happening

Many TV websites wait for the station's PR people to send them the press release and then they cut and paste it on their site. 

As you know, that's not how FTVLive works. 

We dig past the PR flacks and go straight into the newsrooms for the story. 

Last week, FTVLive told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Sinclair would be sacking KUTV (Salt Lake City) News Director Lee Eldridge. 

We broke the news before Eldridge or anyone in his newsroom knew it was coming. 

On Friday, 4 days after FTVLive's story, Sinclair posted the KUTV News Director job on their website. 

Despite the job posting going up, Sinclair had already been doing interviews and had even made an offer. 

Until the new ND is "officially" named, it appears that Assistant News Director Don Kauffman is running the show.

On Friday, FTVLive reported that the station ran a story in which a woman's social security number was clearly visible to viewers and identity thieves.

Kauffman emailed FTVLive after we pointed this out: 

We did cover the SS number as he requested, but we also get the feeling that he and Sinclair didn't really appreciate that FTVLive brought it to their attention.

Just a guess.