Megyn Kelly to Push Out Tamron Hall and al Roker

It appears that NBC wants to look more like Fox News, so they are pushing out the black folks and bringing in the white girl. 

Roger Ailes would be so proud. 

In a surprise to no one, the NY Post reported that Megyn Kelly is moving into the Today Show. The paper reports that with Kelly coming in, Tamron Hall and Al Roker will lose their 9AM time slot. 

NBC is not commenting, but Al Roker is on Twitter and it has to make Kelly uncomfortable and his bosses cringe. 

He's Roker's read between the lines tweet:

It is not known if Kelly will move into the 9AM slot or she will be placed at 10AM and Hoda and Kathie Lee will be bumped up to 9. 

It seems odd to put Kelly at 9AM, but it is there where she will have the best chance for successful ratings. 

If Kelly is sandwiched between Today and Hoda and Kathie Lee, it is likely she will have the same scenario she had a Fox News.

At Fox, Kelly's show was between ratings juggernauts Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. She was in a sweet spot where it was impossible not to fail. After she left, Fox News placed Tucker Carlson in that spot and his ratings are so far even higher then Kelly's. 

If Kelly gets 9AM at NBC, he show is almost guaranteed to do well. If NBC puts her at 10AM, then there could be viewer drop off.

But, the 10AM hour makes much more sense from a programing standpoint. 

Kelly has hinted that her show will be much more about hard hitting news and less about fluff. It would seem that 10AM would be the better slot. 

It would be strange to go from Matt Lauer and Savanah Guthrie cooking tacos on the set, to then Kelly's hard hitting news show and the back to Hoda and Kathie Lee drinking wine. That's the scenario you are looking at if she is placed in the 9AM slot. 

But, she is almost assured ratings success at 9AM and is not at 10AM. 

As for Hall, her future with the network remains unclear. Roker may lose and hour, but he's still a star and his safe. 

But, it seems that at least some of the Today Show staff are not that excited to have Kelly barge in on their turf and Roker is not afraid to say so. 

Kelly left Fox News in part because many people there did not like her. It seems like she's not off to the best start at NBC in that department either. 

Stay tuned....