Ummmm...You Forgot Something

Here is a prime example to trying to sell the sizzle and forgetting all about the meat. 

WMC (Memphis) is one of those stations that likes to slap the breaking news or I-Team banner on average stories because they think it will make viewers care more.

This story is something a normal person would consider a feature or human interest story: A couple's home burned down right before the were to move out of town, but the outpouring of support convinced them to stay. 

Rather than letting the storytelling grab the audience, the piece gets the full investigative treatment -- complete with a special open, live studio intro and "The Investigators" graphics smacked on everything.

Except it doesn't ask the question I think many viewers and all firefighters would have when his house burns down:

How did the fire start exactly?

So much for the investigators.....

Let's go to the video: