Swann Song?

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WGCL (Atlanta) Anchor Ben Swann asking viewers to give him $50,000 in crowdfunding so he can report on how the US government intentionally created ISIS.

Swann caused the station and Journalism as a whole embarrassment when he tried to heat up the "Pizzagate" story with little facts and a lot of speculation. 

His next venture was telling viewers how the US government intentionally created ISIS.

After FTVLive's reports on Swann crowd funding for the ISIS story, one of two things happened. 

Either Swann figured out that the US government did not intentionally created ISIS or his bosses read FTVLive? 

After FTVLive's stories on Swann, the Anchor took to Facebook to say that the ISIS story was off and the almost $15,000 he raised of the $50,000 he was asking for, will be refunded. 

Here is what he posted:

Swann has not been seen on the air at WGCL for the past week, sources tell FTVLive that he is scheduled to return on Monday. 

A number of people inside WGCL think that that Swann has done enough damage to an already damaged station and needs go.

WGCL and parent company Meredith has been tight lipped and have not made any comments on the FTVLive stories. 

Will he be back anchoring the news on Monday, or was Pizzagate and ISIS his Swann song?

Stay tuned....