How To Save CNN From Itself

Former CNN Correspondent Jessica Yellin wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the New York Times about CNN.

Like the rest of us, Yellin has watched CNN go from cable news station to laughable joke and she blames much of that on Time Warner for letting it happen.

She writes, In 2004, eight years after he’d sold CNN to Time Warner, Ted Turner, the network’s founder, sounded an alarm about the dangers of corporate ownership of news organizations. Mr. Turner wrote that in his day, “we put journalism first, and that’s how we built CNN into something the world wanted to watch.” In his view, “quarterly earnings obsessed” corporate owners would not have the same priorities because “the emphasis instantly shifts from taking risks to taking profits.”

She thinks CNN needs to be sold and and get out from under the hands of greedy owners that only care about dollars and not Journalism. 

FTVLive would add, that ridding itself of Jeff Zucker would be the biggest step. 

So what is CNN's reaction to Yellin's criticism? 

CNN  pointed out that the network chose not to renew Yellin's contract in 2013.

Ummmm..... maybe that is also part of the problem? Get rid of the good ones and keep people like Don Lemon. 

CNN does need to shut up and listen, but they are waaaaaay to busy talking you hear anything.