Was it Something he Ate?

Sources tell FTVLive that WGCL Anchor Ben Swann has been off the air since last week, but is expected to be back on Monday. 

Swann raised eyebrows and made Journalists across the country cringe at his "Pizzagate" story that fell flat. 

Staffers in the newsroom tell FTVLive they feel that Swann needs to go. "This guy is bringing nothing to the table for WGCL other than embarrassment," said one staffer. "Management is in very real danger of losing the newsroom if they keep this guy," said another. 

As for Swann, he has set up a crowd sourcing page asking viewers to donate $50,000 for his next report on how the US government intentionally created ISIS.

Seriously....we're not making this up. 

Swann needs to leave local TV news one way or the other. 

The Anchor and his conspiracy theories are not only hurting his station, but Journalism as a whole. 

If WGCL's owner Meredith doesn't see that?

Well then....that's the real conspiracy.

Stay tuned......