Pimping For Nexstar

You've heard the phrase, birth of a nation? Well, yesterday, the debut of the Nexstar Nation was rolled out to employees across the country.

While jobs are being slashed left and right through the acquisition of the Media General properties, Nexstar Chairman/President/CEO Perry Sook had engineers rig up a LIVE Town Hall meeting that was required viewing for all employees. You'll never guess who introduced Sook:

Hmmm..... we don't remember the CBS Evening News leading off any newscasts last week with the Nexstar merger? What WOULD be a lead is if someone leaked the video of Pelley's off-camera comments when he learned he had to read this crap sent up from affiliate relations.

One thing Sook was very proud of was the profits to shareholders. FTVLive, as a public service for the betterment of the industry, hopes you'll screen grab this graphic so the next time your contract is up for renewal or you get called in to HR because of 'downsizing', you can remind them of Sook's comittment:

If you're bored and want to watch the entire town hall, including the riveting 'questions from employees", click here. (Sook started 36 minutes late, so you'll have to scrub forward)

So, thanks to the Nexstar Nation and Sinclair, the industry is no longer what it used to be and quality local television news is going by way of the rabbit ears. Period. Full stop.