Don't Blame Me...

We are shocked by the amount of email we get from actual viewers.

People email us, like we are the person responsible for the people they see on TV. Here are just a couple of emails we got this week: 

I don’t usually take the time to write emails about someone that I don’t know, but please tell Kelley that she looks great!
What ever she has done to loose some weight, looks really good on her.  Hooyah to her!!!
Evan Balash, V.P. of Operations
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Evan is writing about WPTV *West Palm Beach) Anchor Kelley Dunn. Not sure what Kelley has Dunn (see what I did?) to lose the weight, but it seems to be working Kelley. Good for you. 

This email is in regards to the suspension of Fox Philly Anchor Mike Jerrick:

He is a great guy.....he still has a lot of viewers behind him...we understand his emotions....if our president ..can get away with his lies, his can is a shame you just didn't give him a slap on the hand......stop being like the alternative facts person..he was genuinely honest...thank god for honesty....haven't seen that since dump was campaigning....sorry you did this...don't think much of you....

Janice Taylor
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Wait! Janice don't blame us....we had nothing to do with Mike's suspension. You have to blame that on The Firm. 

Anyway, keep those emails coming and remember, please spay or neuter your pet. 

Good night....