This is MY Day!

Today after posting the morning updates, I'm jumping in the FTVLive mobile news lab Hummer 9000 (i.e my car) and headed to Orlando. 

Today is my favorite day of the year as the PGA Show is being held in O-Town. The entire Orlando Convention Center is nothing but golf equipment, gear and clothes for miles and miles. I am a kid in a very large candy store. 

I thought about taking the day off, but since FTVLive has posted everyday this year, including Saturday's and Sunday's, I'm not going to blow the streak....even for the PGA Show. 

So, I'm quickly trying to bang out Today's edition, while I'm eager to get on the road. The FTVLive Intern will be here if anything big breaks. 

So let's do some news, because I need to get going....