Atlanta Reporter: The US Government Intentionally Created ISIS

WGCL (Atlanta) Reporter Ben Swann is not down with his conspiracy theories. In fact he is asking people for $50,000 for his next report.  

Swann made headlines when he reported on the WGCL, the Meredith station about the debunked "Pizzagate".

Despite the story had basically died, Swann decided to reheat the pizza story and bring it back to life. It ended up being a major embarrassment for his station, which has a history of embarrassing situations. 

Swann is now asking viewers to give him $50,000 in crowdfunding so he can report on how the  US government intentionally created ISIS.

He writes on the crowdfunding page: "We are going to create a full half hour documentary to explain not only HOW the U.S., Saudis, Israel, Jordan and Qatar created ISIS but WHY they did so in an effort to overthrow Assad in Syria as well as the effort now underway to end the U.S. funding of terror organizations."

No word on what WGCL thinks about this fundraising, or parent company Meredith, but it should be sending up all kinds of red flags. 

Swann has raised almost $15,000 of his $50,000 goal. 

Does Meredith allow Reporters to crowdfund their own reports? 

Is their nothing in a talent's contract that doesn't make this a breach? 

Hasn't Swann caused WGCL enough embarrassment?

Isn't it time for the Atlanta station to cut ties with this guy?

So many questions and if you want FTVLive to try and answer them. Just send $25,000 to us and we will investigate the story further.