Arkansas Station Censors ABC's The Bachelor

Little Rock fans of ABC's The Bachelor got a rude surprise while watching the show just as it got to a really juicy part. 

The Washington Post writes that as Bachelor contestant Raven Gates told quite the explicit anecdote about walking in on her ex-boyfriend having sex with another woman. But, viewers watching on affiliate KATV in Little Rock, Ark., didn’t get to hear about it.

Gates, a 25-year-old fashion boutique owner, hails from Hoxie, Ark., about two hours north of Little Rock — so you would think that audience in particular would be interested in hearing what she had to say. After the episode, Gates tweeted that her story was “censored” in central Arkansas and urged fans to find the clip online.

Viewers report that as Gates started telling the tale, the show cut to a commercial break, and picked up again just as the story was over. The station blamed a technical mix-up. In an interview, KATV general manager Mark Rose called it “truly one of those unfortunate errors.” He said that Gates’s anecdote was cut because the master control department — which preps the shows and puts the timing sheets in for each program — entered the wrong time, so a commercial break accidentally ran during the show’s content.

“I’m obviously not pleased [with] what happened,” Rose said, calling it a “pure and simple” mistake. Not only did it happen on one the station’s most popular shows, he added, but it was especially unfortunate that it occurred during a scene featuring an Arkansas contestant. “We’re trying to put things in place so it doesn’t happen again.”

So that's the story you're going with?