Nexstar to Shutdown Media General's Graphics Hub

Years ago, Media General decided to hub the graphics for their stations all in one location. It was believed that this would streamline operations and save the company money. 

Graphic Artists at Media General stations were told they would either lose their job, or have to transfer to the hub in Richmond. 

Well now that Nexstar has taken over, it's going back to the old way. Nexstar told the staff yesterday that they are shutting down the graphics hub in April. 

Nexstar has decided to go back to having a graphics person at each station and doing away with the hub.  

They have decided it will save money doing it that way. 

So in other words, both moves were made to save money.

So.....figure that out. 

Nexstar is holding a conference call about the changes on Thursday. We just thought we would give you  this news a bit earlier than that.

You know....because that's what we do.