Leave The Kid Alone

It used to be that the media would show some decorum when making choices about who and what's appropriate to cover. That seems to be gone in many instances, these days.

Take for example Ashley Csanady. She's a political reporter for the National Post. What is the National Post, you ask? We had to look it up, too. It bills itself as Canada's irreverent national newspaper. We're guessing its somewhere between USA Today and The National Enquirer.

Regardless, Csanady must have felt there wasn't enough material to write concerning Donald Trump, and decided to attack his 10-year old son. It's nothing short of bullying.

There have been several children (modern day) live in the White House: Caroline and John Jr. Kennedy, Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and Sasha & Malia Obama. They're kids and had no choice in their public life.

The good thing about Twitter is that it often self-polices and it didn't take long for karma to come around:

Csanady eventually took the post down and wrote an apology a day later. What concerns us most is that it happened in the first place by someone who's supposed to be a journalist.

Maybe the National Post should consider sticking to covering news in their own country.