Harrisburg Reporter Going Nuclear

So is there life after TV news?

Sure if you want to work at a nuclear plant. 

WHTM (Harrisburg) Anchor/Reporter Dave Marcheskie is leaving the station at the end of the month and headed to Three Mile Island.

Now, millennials, if you think Three Mile Island is some place in the Florida Keys, you might want to do a Google search.  

Marcheskie has accepted a job as the senior site communications manager for Three Mile Island. His last day at the station will be Jan. 29. He expects to start his new role in mid-February.

Marcheskie has worked for WHTM since 2010, after previous gigs in Greenville, North Carolina and Comcast SportsNet.

The decision to leave TV news was difficult, Marcheskie said.

"But, I saw a life-changing opportunity for a career in professional communications," he said. "I want to challenge myself and grow my professional experience as well as spend more time with my family." 

The thing Marcheskie said he will miss the most is the newsroom.

"TV news can be a tough beast on families and personal life," he said. "I've missed many holidays, birthdays, and family gatherings over the years working nights. weekends. and holidays. That's why you become so tight with others in a newsroom."

While Marcheskie will miss his co-workers, he said there's one thing he won't miss.

"I will not miss 10-12 hour days standing out in the snow and cold trying to come up with snow terms other than 'white stuff,'" he said. "It's Central Pennsylvania....it snows...deal with it! I tried to make it fun, however."

H/T Pennlive