We Told You!

Yesterday, the news came down that WCNC Anchor Beth Troutman was leaving the station. 

Of course this comes as no surprise to the readers of FTVLive. 

On November 16th, FTVLive wrote, "Sources tell FTVLive that WCNC main Anchor Beth Troutman and station management are not seeing eye to eye right now.  One source says that the damage is done and Troutman is leaving the station."

Yesterday the word came down that after just 16 months at the Tegna station, Troutman is leaving the station at the end of the month. 

Yes gang....FTVLive was waaaaaaaay out in front of the story again. 

The Charlotte Observer reports that Troutman said she would leave the station on Jan. 31 to engage in a series of volunteer initiatives, beginning with an eight-day mission to an orphanage in rural Haiti.

Troutman said the decision to leave a two-decade career in television came after an emotionally tumultuous year following the loss of her mother, Nancy Troutman, 68, of Concord, to ovarian cancer in February 2016.

“It’s a bittersweet day at WCNC,” said Deborah Collura, the general manager, who said Troutman and Shropshire had “perfect chemistry.”

“Beth has been a huge impact player over the last year-and-a-half in helping us catapult our ratings and the personality of this television station into who we’ve become today,” Collura said. “Beth has had a really difficult year personally, so we respect that she wants to do some other things with her life at this time.”

While others report the news, FTVLive gives you the story before it happens.

Yes...we are that damn good.