We Nailed That One

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that Nextsar CEO Perry Sook is expected to give a televised address to the Nexstar nation in the very near future. 

FTVLive reported EXCLUSIVELY that at 10:45AM yesterday morning, Nexstar engineers across the country will be involved in a test of the single, to make sure that Sook will be seen and heard by the troops as he makes his address. 

So just how good is FTVLive?

This is the note Sook sent out yesterday afternoon to the Nexstar stations.

I will be hosting a closed circuit “virtual” town hall broadcast this Wednesday from 2:30-300pm Eastern Time. Please post this notice at your location and afford your employees the opportunity to participate.  

Now that we are one company, I want to talk about our new Nexstar, our plans for the first 120 days and answer questions that your employees may have. Questions will need to be submitted beforehand at asknexstar@nexstar.tv any time before 5pm CT tomorrow. 

Our stations will be able to view the closed circuit live and your engineers are aware of how to acquire the TVU feed and know to record it for those who may miss it. The presentation will be streamed on the following URL for those employees who are in the corporate office, at one of our digital entity locations or at our stations in Alexandria and Hattiesburg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uudYftxXYpI

I hope that you and your employees are able to participate.  Best, PAS

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