Wait! Isn't that......

When hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets in the Women's March this past weekend, CNN wanted to make sure that while they covered the story, they did not want their staff to be involved in the marches.

CNN had warned staff not to participate in the march. CNN says that it has a longstanding policy that employees may not participate in political marches or rallies. Rick Davis who heads up CNN Standards & Practices told the staff to stay away. “Rick was simply re-iterating the policy in advance of the marches this weekend,” a spokesperson says. 

So, color us surprised when CNN set out a tweet with CNN's Van Jones delivering a speech to protestors. 

The same Van Jones that works at CNN and has had a number of specials on the network and another one planned this week. 

Ummmmm....isn't standing on a platform giving a speech to the protestors, taking part in the protest? 

Or, are the rules different for different CNN employees?