The Best and Worst People in TV News in 2016

You can find a lot of year end list and best and worst list, but this is the one that counts and Today is the day. 

FTVLive was emailed nominations, we talked to hundreds of people and we narrowed the list down to the 5 Best and the 5 Worst people in TV news in 2016. 

We had a few rules. The person had to end the year working in TV news. So that means that people like Roger Ailes and Elliot Wiser who would have surely been on the Worst list, are not eligible. 

Also, people like former Anchor Sonni Abatta, who signed off from WOFL and Linda Yu formally from WLS in Chicago were shoe ins for the Best list, are also not eligible.

Also, no one on the fringes of TV news could make the list this year. In other words, TV Agents, TV Bloggers and TV Consultants were ineligible. That might change for next year. 

So starting at the top of the next hour the countdown begins with the 5th Worst person in TV news in 2016. 

The countdown will go on all day, until we make to to the Best person in TV news in 2016. 

So keep stopping by as we will unveil the Best and Worst People in TV News in 2016. 

It should be interesting.....