Who Cares....

When Nexstar closed on their deal to gobble up Media General, the company thought it was a big enough story, they ordered up a front office special. 

KLAS (Las Vegas) wasted viewers time tout the fact that their parent company just spent $5 billion dollars to buy up media general. 

The story included a soundbite from KLAS GM Lis Howfield, talking about how Nexstar's focus and that of KLAS will be on "local news".

One KLAS insider scoffs at Howfield's claim to covering local. "(KLAS) has the thinnest, and probably the weakest, reporting staff of the majors in town," the insider told FTVLive. 

This is the same station that ran a package on Nexstar CEO Perry Sook getting an award in New York. You know....because that was local right? 

Look for more front office specials at any Nexstar station near you.