Atlanta Station Orders Up more Pizzagate

When you thought you had heard the last of Pizzagate, WGCL in Atlanta has decided to share up another slice of the story.

Reporter Ben Swann spent almost 6 minutes showing viewers that while Pizzagate was dubbed as "fake news," he's not so sure. 

Swann pointed words and logos to show that maybe where there's smoke there is fire. 

“Very strange stuff,” Swann said. “There is no proof there is a child sex ring being operated out of a D.C. pizza parlor. Investigators have already proven there is nothing to this story , right? Actually no. That’s what you need to know. For all that is here, there has not been a single investigation from local police, from the FBI, no one. That has to be the big question, not for Podesta or the pizza parlor owner of what may or may not be. The big question: why hasn’t any investigation taken place?”

Many media have tried to investigate Pizzagate and came up empty.  Snopes, Politifact and Fox News couldn’t find any evidence.  The New York Times dissected how the story went mainstream.

Media Matters pointed out that Swann is big on conspiracies. They said that he also  questioned the reality of Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings as well as issues related to 9/11.

WGCL News Director Frank Volpicella said he discussed with Swann at length his fact finding and sources. “I know he was meticulous with his search for facts,” he said.

But some think Swann's "facts" might be the very fake news that he started his story talking about.

Meredith owns WGCL and their take on the story?  "We are looking into this and don’t have a comment at this time," said Meredith Communications person Art Slusark. 

Here's WGCL's report: