Why Blame the Woman?

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WOAI in San Antonio had parted ways with Anchor Evy Ramos. 

20+ years ago, WOAI (it was called KMOL back then) hired Randy Beamer as their main male Anchor. 

The station was in last place in the news ratings. 

Almost 25 years later, Beamer is still sitting on the anchor desk and the station is still in last place in the ratings. 

Yet, once again, the female Anchor is the one that gets fired. It has happened over and over again at the station. 

Why keep blaming the women in the chair and fix the problem? 

This is not a knock against Beamer, but it shows how this industry thinks and how discrimination is alive and well in TV news. 

Maybe it's not Beamer's fault or Ramos' either...maybe...just maybe the blame goes to those running the station. 

Instead of whacking a solid talent that was well liked, how about making some changes at the top of the food chain and get someone in there with a vision and someone that won't keep using the female Anchor as a scapegoat? 

Just a thought.....