All Hands on Deck Meeting Called at Two Nexstar Stations

FTVLive FIRST told you yesterday that an all hands on deck meeting has been called at Nexstar's KRON in San Francisco for Today. 

It is expected that the staff will find out who will be the station's new GM. 

The good news, there was a point when it surely appeared that Nexstar was going to sell KRON off in the FCC's spectrum auction and many were expecting KRON to go dark. 

But, the spectrum auction was a bust and it looks like KRON now survives. The bad news for Nexstar, they were hoping to sell a number of stations off in the spectrum and use the money to pay down some of their debt. It was money they were counting on and it isn't coming in. 

So...what do you think that means? Yep...layoffs. Expect to see Nexstar to start chopping bodies very soon. 

Also, FTVLive has learned that an all hands on deck meeting has been called for WTNH on Thursday. There the staff is also expected to find out who will be their next GM. 

Stay tuned....