CNN Is Beside Itself Over The Bed Zucker Made

CNN is having an apoplectic attack over the way Donald Trump is treating them and they have no one to blame, but themselves.

FTVLive has been reporting for a long time, that the monster Zucker created then turned on, is going to make life very difficult. We saw that last week during Trump's first press conference and his confrontation with Jim Acosta; calling CNN "fake News".

If CNN, or any media for that matter, think they're going to get the sympathy of the public, they couldn't be more wrong. Parading Don Lemon around drunk on-air, searching for missing planes, and running documentaries on the band Chicago, have turned CNN into a joke. Now, when it appears the new Trump administration is going to take them to task, they're crying like babies.

No president in the history of media, has not given a shit less about the press, than Trump. And so far, he doesn't have to. That's making CNN's head spin.

The Washington Times has picked up on what we've been saying for months.