Reporter May Thank Trump For Emmy

Who knew that Donald Trump keeps track of local Emmys?

WWMT-TV's political reporter, Nick Minock, seems to have some connection with the president-elect. We probably shouldn't be shocked because WWMT is a Sinclair station, which we've learned cut a deal with the Trump administration for 'coverage'.

Minock posted on his Facebook that Trump inquired about whether a recent Emmy was for work that involved his campaign. Minock apparently is proud of this fact and plans to send a 'thank you' to the White House if he wins for political coverage.

Minock has a pretty healthy ego, so he and Trump could be BFFs. Here's his bio on Youtube:

We have news for Nicky; it's not an 'exclusive' if the company you work for has cut a deal for access to the candidate. We are curious about Minock's interview with surrogates, though. Is that a new Emmy category?