Sinclair Lets the Dog Out

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Sinclair had changed all station employees computers to where the desktop background picture was changed to show the Sinclair corporate mission statement. 

Many staffers did not like the fact that they could no longer have pictures of their kids or dog as the desktop on their computer. 

Well, after FTVLIve's story was posted, this email went out to the staff:

BCC:  All Sinclair Employees
With the launch of our Vision-Mission-Values yesterday, the Company created a default desktop background for all employees.  Employees will have the option to change it to whatever they prefer by the end of the day (perhaps tomorrow in some cases) with a simple “right-click” on their desktop.  We may occasionally use this to get quick messages out to all our Sinclair employees, but everyone will have the option to change it immediately back to their preferred image in the future.
Johanna Macauley
Corporate HR Assistant
Sinclair Broadcast Group

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