Nailed It

FTVLive got more email yesterday then we ever have in the past about a single story. 

When we posted this story yesterday, it wasn't long before out email box was flooded with messages. Everyone from people in small markets to network executives wrote us to say that story was "dead on."

"You nailed it", said one major market News Director. 

"Best story ever on FTVLive, " said one cable news Correspondent. 

But, if the media doesn't take action, it's just words on a webpage. 

CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter messaged us to say that he never said that the rest of the media should walked out of the Trump press conference's where he does not give access to all. "I quoted OTHER people saying it in last night's newsletter. Like CNN's SE Cupp," Stelter wrote to FTVLive. 

And no matter who said it, that is exactly what the press needs to do. They need to band together and have each others backs. 

We followed up with Stelter, asking him "Are you saying you don't support media organizations backing each other up?"

He never responded to the question. 

It's time for Journalists to come together and save Journalism. 

If you don't join forces and stand up to a President is trying his best to do away with "freedom of the press" in the end you can blame Trump all you want. 

But in all honesty, it will be your fault. 

Make the choice to support all Journalists, whether they work for your station or network or the competition. 

The media is at war and right not it's a war they are losing.