Trump vs. The Media

At this point watching Donald Trump take the media is like watching Satan vs. the Grim Reaper.... it's hard to root for a winner. 

Not the media in general, but CNN. 

What Trump did at yesterday's presser to CNN was wrong. But, CNN dug this hole and now they want help climbing out. 

CNN's media critic Brian Stelter pointed to some quotes from CNN staffers in his newsletter saying that if Trump refuses to talk to CNN, or another media organization, all the media should just ban together and walk out. 

Actually, that would be great and it would show that the media stands for their own. 

But, when President Obama was locking out Fox News, Stelter and the rest of CNN didn't seem to mind and never thought about standing behind Fox News and supporting them. 

You can't have it both ways. 

How Trump is handling the media is scary for the press and should be scary for the American people. But, the media has shot themselves in the foot so many times, that right now the American people are siding with Trump. 

The story that Trump maybe in the pocket of the Russians is huge. This could be one of the worst things for the future of our country since the Cuban missile crisis.....and guess what? Many Americans are thinking it isn't that big a deal. Many think the story is just made up by the media. 

When I tried to explain the story that CNN reported about Trump and Russia to a couple of people that have nothing to do with TV news, their reactions was, "I don't trust anything that CNN says."

These weren't Fox News diehards saying this, it was just regular down the middle of the road people. 

Who's fault is it that these people don't trust CNN in the least little bit? 

It's not Donald Trump's fault. 

It's CNN's!

You wrap Anderson Cooper in tin foil on News Years's Eve. You let Don Lemon get hammered and make an ass of himself. You make huge mistakes on big stories. And you do nonsense coverage on a missing plane. 

You do that all for ratings and money. 

But, then you finally break a story that should be huge news and taken very seriously and guess what? No one believes you. Congrats CNN, you have become the National Enquirer of TV news.

That is not Trump's fault it is yours Jeff Zucker. 

You fucked this up. 

Donald Trump is a very real threat to freedom on the press and you don't have the American people in your corner. All because, you thought having a drunk Anchor getting his ear pierced on TV was a good idea. 

The media should ban together to take on Trump, because if you don't, he's going to take you down. But, whether it's Donald Trump, Barack Obama or the mayor of Pittsburgh, you need to have each others backs. 

If Trump isn't treating the media fairly and respectfully, everyone should walk out and stop covering him or anyone else, until the wrong is righted. I said this back during the campaign. Check out this story I wrote over a month ago and see if I have not been beating this drum over and over? 

But, when it's not your network or station being picked on, you guys eat it up that you have access and others don't. 

The press screwed this up by giving Trump such a long leash. You need to now fix this. 

The media needs to get together and hold a meeting. In that meeting you guys need to decide that when any news organization (and CNN) is locked out, you all stand behind that organization. 

It has not been done in the past, you guys need to fix this for the future.

Not for your future, for the future of Journalism.

You fucked it up, now fix it.