CNN Grows Spine, A Year and Half too Late

When Donald Trump stood up and called CNN "Fake News", CNN finally decided to grow a spine and call out Trump.

The question is, where was CNN a year and a half ago when Trump was basically doing the same thing. 

Oh yeah.... there were giving him carte blanche and wall to wall coverage because it was giving them ratings and lining their pockets. 

Yesterday, after Trump called CNN out for "Fake News" (Thank you Brian Stelter) CNN posted this to their website

CNN's decision to publish carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different than Buzzfeed's decision to publish unsubstantiated memos. The Trump team knows this. They are using Buzzfeed's decision to deflect from CNN's reporting, which has been matched by the other major news organizations.

We are fully confident in our reporting. It represents the core of what the First Amendment protects, informing the people of the inner workings of their government; in this case, briefing materials prepared for President Obama and President-elect Trump last week.
We made it clear that we were not publishing any of the details of the 35-page document because we have not corroborated the report's allegations. Given that members of the Trump transition team have so vocally criticized our reporting, we encourage them to identify, specifically, what they believe to be inaccurate.