Dallas Anchor Leaving Tegna Station

WFAA (Dallas) Morning Anchor Alexa Conomos says you can stick a fork in her....she's done.

Conomos told her co-workers yesterday morning that she was leaving the station. 

Ed Bark says that she cited the oft-unforgiving work hours, other opportunities outside the TV news business and the desire to spend more “normal” time with her husband, Bradley, and their three young children.

Conomos also has offered to stay with Daybreak, which airs from 4:30 to 7 a.m. weekdays, until the station finds a replacement.

The Tegna station ended 2016 with the most on-camera departures (10) among Dallas's four major TV news providers.

The station now has logged the first exit of 2017, although it could be a month or two before Conomos officially signs off.