White Out at Fox News

When Fox News decided to replace Megyn Kelly with Tucker Carlson, it didn't themselves any favors for those looking for more diversity on television. 

FNC's primetime is now hosted by Bill O'Reilly, Carlson and the whitest of white people Sean Hannity. 

It's like Trump is winning, before even taking office. 

One person inside Fox News tells FTVLive, "I don't even think they looked at how this would look, but it is playing straight to the Fox News stereotype." 

FNC did not take long to replace Kelly and maybe they should have thought this through a bit more before turning FNC's primetime into white man's land. 

But, who's watching Fox News? 

So maybe, Fox was just playing to their audience, which happens in TV stations around the country. 

What is more concerning is Kelly was the lone person in primetime that would at least shed some light on the negative things coming from the Trump camp. That is not something you were getting from O'Reilly or Hannity. 

Now, Carlson is another Trump cheerleader.

It appears that TrumpTV is alive and well after all.