Sinclair's DC Turnover

When Sinclair took over WJLA in Washington, DC, it didn't take them long to start doing what Sinclair does best. 

Get rid of people with high salaries. 

Here's a list WJLA/NewsChannel 8 on-air employees let go since Sinclair takeover in August, 2014:

Leon Harris
Tim Brant
Maureen Bunyan
Arch Campbell
Roz Plater
Greta Kreuz
Jennifer Donelan
Rebecca Cooper
Morris Jones
Jacqui Jeras

On-air staff that left on their own accord primarily because they disagreed with or simply feared Sinclair's approach:

Kendis Gibson
Britt McHenry
Devon Lucie
Hatzel Vela
Kris Van Cleave
Diane Cho

Veteran anchor Gordon Peterson + reporter Jeannette Reyes also left on their own accord after the Sinclair takeover. Petterson on principal, Reyes had a much better offer at WPVI in Philly.

In almost all cases these people were not replaced, or they were replaced  with younger, cheaper talent with little to no context of the DC market.

And now Sinclair is trying to get the Trump administration to relax ownership rules so they can buy up even more stations.

See what you guys have to look forward to? 

As Sinclair's BFF Donald Trump would say.....SAD!