Does CNN Understand Gun Laws?

It appears CNN may do well to educate their writers, producers, and talent on the subjects to which they're assigned.

Catherine Shoichet and Polo Sandoval wrote a story about the fatal shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte. The trouble is, it's full of errors, which then cast more doubt on the reaction of police.

To make a long story short, here's a summary of the inaccuracies in CNN's story as reported by The Federalist:

Rather than lawfully open carrying, as CNN implies Scott was doing, Scott was actually a felon (legally banned from gun possession) under the influence of drugs (which also legally bans an individual from gun possession) who was carrying a concealed weapon (which is banned for non-permit holders) which he then brandished (also illegal) and which he then refused to surrender to police (also illegal).

It's pretty sad when you can no longer turn on the TV and automatically believe what network reporters are telling you.