That Didn't Take Long

Apparently, if you lie, embellish, and in general, just make stuff up as a network anchorman, it doesn't take that long until your boss doesn't care. At least if your boss is NBC's Andy Lack.

Lack spoke with Erik Wemple at The Washington Post after the presidential debate Monday night, and said Williams' show on MSNBC is, "off to a good start". Wemple asked Lack if he felt Williams' had really come clean when he appeared in an interview with Matt Lauer after his six month suspension? Lack responded, "Ancient history to me."

The majority of the people commenting on WaPo's site, seem to disagree. One person summed it up pretty clearly by saying, "How do you know if he's really telling the truth?"

We still shake our heads over how he kept his job. Then again, the two people who hope to be POTUS can't seem to tell the truth, either.