Ummmm Are You Sure?

WCAU in Philly sent out a press release saying that they hired  Erika Martin as its new weekend meteorologist.

Martin will anchor the weather on the NBC O&O's 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. broadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now this isn't normally a story that FTVLive would cover, but something caught our attention. In a story posted on, they write, "She earned a meteorology degree from Mississippi State University, and went to Santa Monica College for her broadcast journalism degree. Additionally, Martin is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society...."

But a check of the American Meteorological Society's website shows no Erika Martin on the list of  Certified Broadcast Meteorologists. In fact there is no "Erika" on the list at all. 

So is Martin really a "Certified Broadcast Meteorologist " as the station claims? Did the American Meteorological Society make a mistake on their website?