TV News Photographer Was First on The Scene of Houston Shooting

KTRK Photographer Jaime Zamora was the first Journalist on the scene at the Houtson shooting yesterday morning. 

Zamora got to the scene while the bullets were still flying. 

Mike McGuff writes that KTRK Anchor Natasha Barrett said on air that Zamora was at the nearby Randall's supermarket, behind those pillars, trying to photograph what was happening. It was dark and at the time no one knew what was happening, where the gunshots were coming from or how many shooters were involved.

Once daylight broke, Zamora continued reporting from the scene - even on camera which is rare for a TV photog. 

Thanks to Zamora's interview with attorney Skip Cornelius, the Houston TV audience first learned about one of the shooting victims. Cornelius' son was shot in the arm while in his car.

TV viewers noticed Zamora's hard work and showered the longtime KTRK employee with praise on Twitter.

It's nice to see a Shooter get some props. That doesn't happen enough in this business.