Lester Holt Holds His Own

The big play from the right about the debate is, Donald Trump will get better.

Despite the fact that Trump has his own TV show has had countless rallies and faced off in a number of preliminary debates, the conservatives say he needs some more time to get better at debates. 

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz says that Hillary controlled the debate, but it was because she got help from Lester Holt. 

He claimed that Holt went harder on Trump then he did on Clinton and he interrupted Trump more. Looking at the highlights, it appears that Holt only interrupted Trump when he started to spout some obvious lies. 

Holt was being called "Liberal Lester" by some on social media. Of course, Holt has been a registered Republican longer than Donald Trump. 

Watching debate highlights, it appeared that Holt held his own. He did step back a few times as Clinton and Trump went at it. 

No matter what he did or how he did it, Holt was going to be attacked for the job he did. 

But, since it appears that Clinton clearly won the debate, the right has to find a scapegoat and it surely isn't going to be Trump. So they are blaming Holt. In Trump won the debate, then the left would have cast the blame to him.

Holt did the best he could do in a no win situation.