Just Breathe...... I'm on Vacation

Well it is happening 4 days later than I wanted, but yes I am now (or almost) officially on vacation. 

I was planning on shutting it down Friday night, but the news beast kept pulling me back. Well this time, I'm sneaking out while the beast is still asleep. 

The FTVLive Intern will step in, but it is not likely you will see the website at full speed for the rest of the week. 

But, keep checking back, because the Intern might have a few surprises and he does some of his best work at odd hours of the day, so you might see updates at 2AM or mid afternoon. You just never know. 

As for me, I'm unplugging and going to listen to the birds sing, the waves crash and maybe be up late enough to see the sun set. 

I'm going to bang out a couple of stories below and then.....I'm on vacation!!!!