We Told You: Cox Names New ND

More than a month ago, FTVLive told you Cox was likely to promote a ND up to Pittsburgh. We even speculated on who could get picked; and we were right.

Suzanne Nadell will be the next ND at WPXI in Pittsburgh. She's Cox' ND in Tulsa and a rising star in the company. Her first day will be October 17th.

In a surprising long email from a GM about a new hire, WPXI's Ray Carter touts Nadell's background and also gives kudos to their managing editor who was passed over:

From: Carter, Ray (CMG-Pi0sburgh)
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 10:42 AM                                             To: WPXI-TV All Users (CTV-Pi0sburgh)                                              Subject: ND Announcement

Dear staff,

I am pleased to announce the hiring of Suzanne Nadell as News Director for WPXI-TV, effecSve October 17. Suzanne has been the news director since March of 2013 at KOKI, our CMG-owned staSon in Tulsa. She has led the charge in a market once dominated by a powerful legacy staSon. In 3 and a half short years, she and her team have leveled the field considerably. If you speak to people in the KOKI newsroom (and I’m sure a couple of you will J), you’ll find that she is bright, personable, compeSSve, and relentless in her pursuit of excellence. On top of all of that, she is one very nice lady. As I spoke with people who know her well, her even-tempered approach and authenSc personality kept coming up.

Suzanne has had a disSnguished career and is more than ready to take the wheel of the Channel 11 news machine. Prior to her Sme as news director in Tulsa, she was an execuSve producer at WSB in Atlanta, a producer at WFLA in Tampa, as well as WFTV in Orlando, and WBBH in Fort Myers. She began her career as a reporter, producer and producSon assistant in Johnson City, TN. Talk about working your way up in the business!

Suzanne is married to husband, Michael. They are the proud parents of a 6 year old son named Price. Please offer Suzanne (and her family) a big Pi0sburgh welcome! I’m excited for her to help us conSnue our winning ways.

I can’t send out this note without menSoning the remarkable candidates who made this decision such a difficult one. Among those candidates was Sco0 Trabandt, who will conSnue to help run the day to day and keep us on our toes as Managing Editor. When I delivered the tough news to Sco0, he let me know of his commitment to this town, staSon and company, and pledged his full support to Suzanne. I expected nothing less from Sco0. A class act through and through. There were other candidates (within CMG and from the outside) who were also quite impressive.

WPXI is a newsroom with great momentum, and a place to which strong leaders want to come. We are fortunate indeed.

Please join me in rolling out the black and gold carpet for Suzanne and her family!

Nadell replaces Mike Oliveira, who was promoted to ND at Cox' Boston station.