And Another One....

OK, now it's a trend....

In the past few weeks FTVLive has told about a number of TV people that have been arrested for child porn, or crimes against children. 

Let's add another to the list. 

The Denver Post reports that KCNC's Marketing Director has been charged with internet luring of a child after he was accused of offering to pay an underage girl to watch him masturbate.

John Edward Cushing, the creative marketing director at the CBS affiliate, was arrested Sept. 14 and later released on a $10,000 bond, according to Pam Russell, spokeswoman for the District Attorney Peter Weir.

“We are aware of the charges,” said Danielle Dascalos, a spokeswoman for KCNC. “He was suspended immediately pending criminal proceedings.”

After exchanging greetings, Cushing immediately offered to pay her to watch him masturbate, the affidavit says. Under a response message that said “How much?” the undercover agent explained that she was under the age of 15.

When the undercover agent asked where they should meet, Cushing allegedly wrote, “I’ll come to you. We’ll do it in the car,” and said he lived in Denver. He then asked where she lived and she replied that she lived in Lakewood but was still in school, the affidavit said.

The “underage teen persona” asked Cushing for his cellular phone number, and he messaged it back to her.

Cushing later asked for her picture, the affidavit said. The undercover agent sent a picture of a girl and Cushing texted, “Damn you are so cute.” When she asked for his picture he said he was embarrassed because he was so old.

Cushing said he wanted to meet her at a Taco Bell just to say “hi” so that he could confirm she was really under 15 and that he would give her $20.

“I’m just trying to be safe. … I’d like to be sure you’re real and not a cop,” Cushing allegedly texted.

Damn....people are just sick.