BriWi Struggles in the Demo

How far is Brian Williams' fall from grace?

Well he is getting beat in the demo by Don Lemon.


MSNBC gave Williams his own show, “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” that is supposed to run through the election.

MSNBC was hoping that if Williams show took off, it could be on the schedule full time. 

So far, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. The former NBC Nightly News Anchor's show is not doing well in the demos. 

From Sept 6th through the 20th, BriWi's show pulled 235,000 in the demo. Don Lemon pulled almost 60,000 more viewers on CNN, then Williams' show. 

A repeat of Bill O'Reilly's show beats them both with 367,000 in the demo. 

No matter how you add it up, the news is not good for Williams, nor MSNBC.