Media Gets Roughed Up in Charlotte

The city of Charlotte has exploded in protests over police shootings and the media is getting roughed up while trying to cover the unrest. 

Viewers watched as CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera was knocked to the ground while reporting live during the protests last night. 

Lavander said that the guy that knocked him down later came over to apologize and to hug him.

CNN's Boris Sanchez choked on what was apparently tear gas. Feeling the stinging effects in his eyes and mouth, Sanchez coughed but continued to report during "Anderson Cooper 360." 

 Fox News Steve Harrigan said he was "seeing scenes" that he hadn't seen since his time in "the West Bank..."

WCNC Anchor Mike Hanson: "One of our crews was attacked in Uptown. Reporter & Cameraman taken by ambulance to hospital..."

WCCB, the CW station, tweets: "WCCB witnessed protesters try to throw still photographer into fire in Uptown..."

The Daily Beast's Justin Miller: "My reporter almost got shot in Charlotte..."

A Reporter and Photographer from WLTX in Columbia were also hurt in the protests.