Zucker Sticks by Lewandowski Hiring

By now, most people agree that CNN's hiring of former Trump thug and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was a bad hire.

But not CNN boss Jeff Zucker.

Lewandowski has brought nothing to the table and he is still being paid by Trump while appearing on CNN's air. 

In a town hall with CNN staffers, Zucker continued to defend his hiring of Lewandowski. 

He also says that he knew that his hire was still being paid by the Trump campaign from the moment he hired him.

Which then begs the question, if he new Lewandowski was still being paid, why did CNN not disclose that fact on air from day one. 

CNN started airing the disclosure only after it leaked out that Lewandowski was drawing a paycheck from CNN and from Donald Trump. 

CNN's Jake Tapper, who moderated his boss's town hall meeting, stuck off for his boss saying it was important for CNN to have people on air representing the views of the tens of millions of Americans expected to vote for the Republican nominee.

So, if there are tens of millions supporters of Donald Trump out there, why did CNN pick the one guy that Trump is paying?

Just asking....