CNN Suspends Corey Lewandowski (Updated)

A day after CNN boss Jeff Zucker stood by his hiring of former Trump Thug and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, now word is that the network has suspended him. 

Mediaite reports that Lewandowski was pulled off the air this morning on CNN’s New Day.

The network found out that Lewandowski was still being paid by the Trump campaign, presumably separate from his severance package that he received after leave his work on the campaign trail.


No word if Zucker is still standing by his hire now. 

Update: CNN released this statement: "No he is not suspended. He will be on our air later today." In other words, CNN is saying we thought about trying to have some ethics, but it's just so damn hard. 

Mediaite, which broke the news has now edited their original story and has backed off the report that Lewandowski was suspended. 

Dan Abrams, who owns Mediaite tweeted out a sort of retraction: