NY Station Calls Out Competition for Bad Reporting

WNYT's (Alabany) top story was about the bad Journalism from it's crosstown rival WTEN. 

Ironically, WNYT never named WTEN in their story that aired. Which means they left out the "Who?" in a story about bad journalism. 

It appears that a woman, Maria Lentini is charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident last December. WTEN reported that Lentini drove around after the crash for more than an hour with Duff's body impaled in her windshield.

That story was not true and now Lentini's lawyer thinks the bad reporting might taint the jury. 

WNYT lead their newscast with the "Bad crash leads to Bad Journalism" story, but never mentions the call letters of WTEN. 

The station did name WTEN in an online story, but not on air.

So, who's doing the bad Journalism now?

Here's the story: