The Firm Still not Confirming LA ND Hire

On September 16th, FTVLive FIRST broke the news that Fox O&O (AKA The Firm) had hired a new News Director.

The station hired Kris Knutsen, who was the Deuce across the street at KTLA. 

Here's the kicker, Fox has yet to announce that they have hired Knutsen as the new ND. Many on the staff at KTTV says they found out about their new News Director from reading FTVLive.

While a memo went out at KTLA saying that Knutsen was leaving, there is still no memo at KTTV saying that she's coming. 

You have to love the communications business.

By the way, when Fox does announce that hired a new News Director, please try and act surprised. 

It makes them happy.