Morning Joe to CNN Reporter: You Lie

Has MSNBC's Joe Scarborough gone crawling back to Donald Trump?

At one point, Scarborough was one of the biggest Trump lapdogs during the campaign. He and co-host Mika Brzezinski would bring Trump on the air and fawn all over him. 

But then, Trump took a few swipes at the MSNBC morning show and the one time lapdog started barking back. 

But now, CNN's Dylan Beyers says that  Scarborough and Brzezinski are trying to get back in Trump's good graces.

Beyers says that the two visited the Republican presidential nominee at Trump Tower to rekindle a once-rosy relationship that has turned bitter and adversarial, sources with knowledge of the meeting told CNNMoney.

The three also discussed the possibility of conducting an interview for "Morning Joe," though nothing was decided or finalized, one of the sources said. Scarborough did not respond to a request for comment.

So what does Scarborough say about Byers scoop?

So, is Byers story bullshit, or is the dog trying to jump back into his owner's lap?

If you see Trump pop up on Morning Joe, or see Scarborough start changing his tune on Trump, then you will know Beyers story was on the money. 

Stay tuned....