Should Fox News Take Disciplinary Action Against Sean Hannity?

When Fox News Anchor Andrea Tantaros wrote a book, she did not let Fox News suits approve the book before being published.

Fox News pulled Tantaros from the air and she hasn't been seen since. 

Fox claims it's because they did not get the chance to vet the book. Tantaros claims it;s because she did not give into Roger Ailes sexual demands. 

Well, now Fox News host and Doanld Trump lapdog Sean Hannity has filmed a campaign commercial for Donald Trump and Fox News claims they had no knowledge that he did so. 

So, will Fox News pull Hannity from the air? 

It's doubtful, which goes right back to the heart of Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit. The rules are different for the guys than they are the women at Fox News. 

It's bad enough that Hannity has Trump on his show on almost a nightly basis and let's Trump use Fox News to promote his campaign. It's even worse when one of the network's biggest stars pops up in a Trump campaign ad. 

If Fox News really is going to be fair and balanced, shouldn't they give the other candidates running for President free air time with a lapdog of their choice to ask questions?

Are FNC bosses Jake Abernethy and Bill Shine are going to let Hannity get away with this, where is the ethical line at Fox News?

Sean Hannity embarrassed  his network and the network needs to step up and fire or suspend the host. Or maybe, its just the same old boys club it's always been. 

Here's Hannity's pitch for Trump, he is at the end of the ad.