Media on Their Game Covering the Bombings

Despite the fact that Donald Trump says he could be a TV news Reporter, because he called the NY explosion a bombing before anyone in the media, the media has covered the story well. 

Yes, when a dumpster blows to smithereens in a Chelsea neighborhood, most people knew it was a bombing.

You're not a genius Mr. Trump. 

But, the media waited for conformation, but reporting it as such (what a concept).

The NY stations were very good in their coverage. Most stayed with the facts and did not try to interject their theories and rumors.

WNBC's coverage was top notch. 

It carried over to the network as well. Tom Winter was quick to tweet the news that bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami was captured after a shooting incident. 

The media's coverage on these incidents have been very well restrained and done well.

Despite what Trump says.