The Secret Society of Female Newscasters

You may remember that FTVLive pulled the curtain back on the "Secret Society of Female Newscasters" group on Facebook. 

Many female newscasters that are in the secret group have emailed or texted FTVLive to tell us what is being said in the group. Most shaking their head as they tell us. 

Some have called out FTVLive for exposing their group. Of course, the irony that these newscasters are paid to dig up information and secrets, yet feel it's wrong when done to them, is completely lost on some in the group. 

After FTVLive first exposed the group, Oklahoma City Anchor Leslie Elizabeth decided to start a new group that was only for female talent in a top 100 market or bigger. 

It seems that if you are a female Anchor in market 101 or lower, you are excluded from the secret group. Let's face just are not worthy. 

But, in case you are one of those ladies and you are wondering what the top 100 talent talks about? We can tell you, this is the kind of stuff you "lesser" people just won't understand.