Fox O&O Poaches Deuce from Competitor

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you last week that KTTV in LA hired a new News Director (don't worry the other guys will get around to it this week).

As we told you, the station has hired Kris Knutsen, who was the Deuce across the street at KTLA to be their new News boss.

Here is the internal memo, obtained by FTVLive that was sent out to the staff at KTLA, telling them their Assistant News Director was leaving.

This is the second News Manager at KTLA to cross the street. A couple of months ago, Dayside EP Tara Wallis-Finestone left the station for KCBS. 

Now that Knutsen has joined The Firm, she will not be allowed to talk to the media and you likely will not hear her name again, until she gets fed up and leaves, or is sacked, which of course Fox will never confirm.

Fox has found it more and more difficult to hire News Directors and has to resort to headhunters to help fill the jobs. It seems that their reputation of ruling by intimidation and accusing people of leaking stories, has made it not one of the more desirable O&O's to work for.